"Steven Staples" <sstap...@mnsi.net> writes:

>> My monitor can also display about 55 lines of code, my functions are, on
>> average, just a few lines of code though -- a maximum of about 20, with an
>> average of around 5 or so.
>> This is because the rule of thumb I follow is that a function should do
> one
>> thing, and should be named well. The biggest downside to the type of style
>> I have is that if not done "correctly", people can feel like they're
>> swimming in a sea of chasing down functions to find out wtf is going on.
>> When done "correctly", it leads to pretty clear code, IMO.
>> --
> Tedd,
> I think the length of code depends on a few different factors, what if you
> have your docblocks, and comment lines, as well as your bracing style?
> Where do you consider your function to start?

I, and I'm fairly sure many others, do not count docblocks, comment
lines, or lines containing only braces in the count for LOC in a

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