I need to perform uploading of large files using the HTTP_Request class:


I am *not* using this one:


The HTTP_Request class support the following functions:

setBody() and addFile()

The addFile()-function however simulates a form field and the server 
application does not read the incoming file from such a field. I have to put 
the file content as a stream through the body.

Adding the file content using the setBody()-function will of course cause an 
out of memory error:

$fp = fopen($filename, 'r');
$request->setBody(fread($fp, $filesize($filename)));
$response = $request->sendRequest();

How am I supposed to do that with this class? Are there any alternatives, which 
do not force me to add new PHP dependancies/libraries to the project? I am 
writing a library and do not want to force the users to add dependancies to 
their projects in order to use this library.

I am currently using PHP 5.3.0.

Thank you and best regards,


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