On May 31, 2012, at 12:48 PM, Tristan wrote:

> I'm using Zend Studio and it had a suggestion that I do a foreach as such
> foreach($entry as $entry){
> }
> instead of
> foreach($entries as $entry){
> }
> they both seem to work but, from a readability standpoint and just makes
> more sense to me to use method 2. Is it bad practice to go with the 1st
> method of coding or preferred?
> Thanks, T

Let's look at that.

In the first case you're doing a foreach loop on an array entitled $entry 
(single) using a variable entitled the same name representing the values in 
each element of the array  -- that doesn't make sense even if it works or is 
recommended by Zend Studio. That would be a hell of a bug to find.

In the second case, I find the syntax more correct. You are doing a foreach 
loop on an array entitled $entries (plural) using the values contained in the 
array as $entry (single) -- that makes much more sense to me.

My $0.02


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