i 've used the following default definition.
the some behavior. 

my result value is cut at position 255. 


; Valid range 0 - 2147483647.  Default = 4096.
mssql.textlimit = 4096

; Valid range 0 - 2147483647.  Default = 4096.
mssql.textsize = 4096

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in one value

 Check the settings in the [MSSQL] section of your php.ini file.

"ckieninger" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

i've the following problem.

I start a query and get a result

If I list this result

list($value) = mssql_fetch_row($result);

the value in the databasetable is a string value with over 255 characters
but the value in the listed $value has only 255 characters.

How to get the value from databasetable with all 280 characters??



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