Hello All,


I have this string defined for my query and it shows the different types of
categories fine, but when I change a.categoryid = c.categoryid to
a.categoryid = 1 which is only one of the categories

It shows me the same record twice.


$query = "select a.startdate, a.articleid, c.name, a.title, a.intro,
a.datecreated from articles as a, categories as c where (a.startdate = -1 or
a.startdate <= {$now}) and (a.enddate = -1 or a.enddate >= {$now}) and
a.categoryid = c.categoryid order by a.startdate DESC";



        while ( $row = mysql_fetch_array($res) ) {

                $tpldata['articles'][] = array(

                        'title'         => $row['title'],

                        'intro'         => makeLinks($row['intro']),

                        'id'            => $row['articleid'],

                        'categoryname'  => $row['name'],

                        'created'       => date('n/j/Y',


                //echo $row['datecreated'];



Any Ideas???





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