On 8 Jun 2012, at 00:39, Tazio Ceri wrote:

> I have a PHP script that takes very long time to execute. I manage it using 
> the following structure:
> ob_start();
> // some code
> session_start();
> // some code
> header("Content-length: ".ob_get_length());
> ob_end_flush();
> // some other, very long, code!
> The problem I am facing is that, after having set up a session, often I have 
> error as
> I don't find any simple variable that I wrote in $_SESSION.
> Correct my if I am wrong, but I think that $_SESSION get saved to disk only
> at the end of the script, after the "very long code" has been executed.
> There is a way to save the session manually just after ob_end_flush()?



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