On 7/12/2012 3:58 PM, David OBrien wrote:

On Jul 12, 2012, at 2:17 PM, Al wrote:

I want to do a rDNS check on a admin entered host name to insure in-coming mail 
servers don't reject mail, sent by my app, because the rDNS doesn't exist or 
doesn't match.

Here is the fundamental code:

$host = $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']; //site name shared or not
$ip = gethostbyname($host);

$hostName = gethostbyaddr($ip); //May be different on a shared host
$ip2 = gethostbyname($hostName);

The $ip works fine.

However, one of the shared hosts I'm working with returns this instead of the 
original $host

gethostbyaddr($ip)=> [foo is subs for actual]

gethostbyname($hostName)=>  It appears
gethostbyname() is just returning $hostName because it is not legit.
Using just the foo.com in gethostbyname() returns the host's server IP.

Thus, the typical rDNS check fails for this site. Several online checks also 
report rDNS fails.

Any suggestions how I can handle this?

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It appears the RDNS for that ip has not been mapped to the server name

do you have control of the DNS servers?

can you check the dns config?

Unfortunately, the website is on a typical shared, low cost host. So, I can't get to the DNS record and the outfit's tech support won't help. So, I'm trying to do a reasonable work around in case I run into this issue again on another shared host.

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