Hold on there fireball. 

* jQuery for production (minified) is a scant 32k. http://jquery.com/
  LOL That's like a TCP/IP packet. I bet your images are bigger than 32k.

* Unlike stupid PHP frameworks (which everyone knows I detest)
  - JS frameworks are cached by the browser so there is no download on every
  - JS frameworks take all the bullshit browser discrepancies out of your

* once you start using jQuery, you will <3 it and use it for many other
  you'd beat your head against a wall in plain old JS to do.

* All the plugins to add extra functionality make it that much more enticing

I've not tried YUI or Google's JS framework, but I can tell you that 
jQuery pretty much rocks harder than Pantera and you're doing yourself,
and your customers a disservice if you're not using it. 

We get nearly 30,000 hits per second (yes PER SECOND) and have no problems 
using jQuery and many plugins and various .css files

We use this too to cram all the .js and .css into one 'package': 


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> On Wed, Jul 18, 2012 at 08:45:34AM +1200, James Newman wrote:
> > Just to put my 2cents in, you might want to try jQuery if you're going
> > go down the AJAX road.
> JQuery is a LOT of code to include if you're just going to do an AJAX
> call or two. There are examples of doing straight AJAX with Javascript
> on the 'Net. Once you work through them, you find that there's a
> "static" part that you can include in all the files you want to make
> AJAX calls. And then there's the part that deals directly with the data
> you get back from whatever PHP or other script is feeding you data from
> outside the website. That's the part that needs custom work. I *hate*
> Javascript, but I managed to figure it out.
> Another point: I'm not sure if it's the same for other people. I'm on a
> crappy little computer running Linux. I've got a little CPU meter in my
> taskbar. And nothing jacks that meter up like Javascript. I don't know
> why, but Javascript just devours CPU on my computer. The more
> javascript, the worse. And like I said, JQuery is a LOT of code. This is
> one of the reasons I tend to code things in PHP instead of Javascript.
> Paul
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