[snip]On 7/17/2012 4:55 PM, Daevid Vincent wrote: * jQuery for production (minified) is a scant 32k. http://jquery.com/ LOL That's like a TCP/IP packet. I bet your images are bigger than 32k. * Unlike stupid PHP frameworks (which everyone knows I detest) - JS frameworks are cached by the browser so there is no download on every page - JS frameworks take all the bullshit browser discrepancies out of your way * once you start using jQuery, you will <3 it and use it for many other tasks you'd beat your head against a wall in plain old JS to do. * All the plugins to add extra functionality make it that much more enticing I've not tried YUI or Google's JS framework, but I can tell you that jQuery pretty much rocks harder than Pantera and you're doing yourself, and your customers a disservice if you're not using it.[/snip]


[snip]JQuery is a LOT of code to include if you're just going to do an AJAX call or two. [/snip]

jQuery 1.8 will allow you to create custom builds, including only the services that you want. That is coming out really soon. Besides, minified and gZipped....well see above.

Maybe I am biased. I am on the jQuery Developer Relations team, have authored one book on jQuery and I am currently writing another. But I think you'll love it.

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