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> What do you call the people who ultimately use your code?

    If they're using the *code*, then "user" or "developer."  If
they're using the finished product (site, application, or results
thereof), then "end-user," "customer," "visitor," or "subscriber" work
just fine.  Ultimately, the term "end-user" signifies a bookend-like
link in the chain, such as a subscriber; the opposite bookend would be
the producer or creator, with connecting links being the publisher,
provider, distributor, perscriptionist, reseller, and so forth.

> Are you concerned with their ("whomever") experience in using your code?
> This question transcends your code working correctly, accurately, and 
> securely -- no need to comment on those aspects. But rather more specifically 
> do you consider how easily your "whomever" can use your work efforts?
> As you may have guessed - I just attended a UX conference and they provide an 
> interesting perspective on UX. I was wondering how php developers typically 
> address the subject.

    Overall, no.  If it's going to be user-facing and not just systems
interpretation (automation, AI, et cetera), then I leave that up to
the UX folks.  I work on the functionality and logic, they work on the
flow and presentation.

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