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> LOL Paul,
>       You are so very spot on, I have a current customer who would like
> the website to just load when he logs in. I wish I had not agreed to writing
> him a startup script to load the interface for him because NOW he wants it
> to auto login for him. They use a random key generator as a portion on their
> login authentication. So let's see: The system sends you a report every hour
> on the hour. You no longer have to navigate to the interface. It auto logs
> into the system for you.....
> I pander to these kind of people like there is no tomorrow when they are the
> ones who sign the check, because anything outside of scope cost BIG TIME. :)
> I have gone so far to create training aids that are system mimics to explain
> to them what they are doing wrong and what the next step is. I use to write
> SCO compliant learning systems and let me tell you there is NO such thing as
> idiot proof.

My wife and I were discussing something tangential to this the other
day. When people are young, they engage in all sorts of silly things
that waste time. But when you get older, your time becomes progressively
more valuable to you. In this case, I wouldn't want to waste my time on
what you describe. I don't care how big the check is. I have too many
other more important things to do with my time.


Paul M. Foster

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