Hey guys,

I just became aware of this:


It's a site setup by Mozilla, Reddit, and others to defend internet freedom
in the wake of recent legislative events in the U.S. and elsewhere (full
members list here:  http://www.internetdefenseleague.org/members).

They've setup what they're calling the "cat signal," an invisible bit of
embeddable code you can put in your website that will activate (and display
the afore-mentioned signal/link/etc) if/when the next SOPA/PIPA/etc comes
along that threatens the open internet.

I'd like to propose that we integrate this into the PHP website.  This
issue directly affects our community and we already staked a claim in this
fight when we participated in the last great blackout.

In addition, I'd also l ike to propose that we officially join this group
as a member.  I'm not sure if we'd do this by vote or something similar to
the RFC process & etc, but if you'll grant me permission, I'd be happy to
do the legwork on this myself (make the HTML edits, contact the
organization on PHP's behalf, etc).



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