Paul M Foster wrote:
Here's another one: There are currently discussions in the U.S. Congress
in favor of forcing internet vendors to charge sales tax on*all*  sales,
regardless of whether the vendor has a presence in that state or not.
Imagine having to file state sales tax returns in 50 states. This effort
has rather significant bipartisan support. Now ask yourself what large
corporation with brick and mortar stores *wouldn't* sign on to support
this one? That's what you're up against. You've got on your
side. Yay. You might want to get busy on that one.

In Europe VAT is applied even on on-line sales. It is the likes of Amazon shipping bulk stock from overseas 'clients' into European warehouses and then supplying them without VAT added directly in Europe that is the problem! How can I compete with someone who is also giving next day delivery, but 20% cheaper ... American sellers are one of the problems here.

There are two sides to every problem and simply fighting for one side is as bad. What is needed is a reasoned debate rather than things like 'The Cat Signal' which personally I find as objectionable as the laws it's complaining about!

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