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>> > Btw. we were asked by the to join the league as we were a big traffic
>> > source on the black out day.
>> > I don't know if Rasmus is on the webmaster list or not, but we should cc
>> > him, as he was the driving force behind us joining the anti SOPA
>> movement.
>> He is everywhere.
>> But I thought we were already 'members'?
>> See also http://php.markmail.org/message/7e4uqo73fmtlgjeo
>> -Hannes
> Thanks, that was the mail that I was referring to.
> I didn't see anybody reply on that thread, so except we replied in private
> (why would we do that?) I guess we never officially accepted that
> invitation.
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> Ferenc Kovács
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Can we "officially" accept it now?  It sounds like everyone is all for
this.  We're already technically a member anyway with the cat signal code
implemented, plus I've already reached out to them based on this thread and
the response I got from our webmaster.  Do we have any procedure or secret
handshake or whatever for this, or can we just say, "Yep we're down with
this" and be done with it?  =)


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