I'm using Ubuntu, but here you can update the "system packages" with the pear executable too

$ sudo pear update-channels && sudo pear upgrade --alldeps


Am 24.07.2012 17:05, schrieb Lester Caine:
Not sure the best place to ask this ...

I've worked through all of my own codebase to eliminate E_STRICT
warnings/errors and now I'm working on the more basic ones coming from
PEAR such as
PHP Strict Standards:  Non-static method PEAR::isError() should not be
called statically

Since these are installed by the distribution, in my case SUSE12.1, is
there a better version to download that is E_STRICT clean? Or o I h2ve
to work through that as well for the modules that the third party
libraries are picking up?

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