Sebastian Krebs wrote:

The question is - Is the result E_STRICT safe?

Would say: Depends on the package you use. I don't use PEAR-packages myself,
thus I don't really know. I would say: Try it out :) Test it on your
dev-machine, or within a vm and nothing can break.

Sebastian I'm asking because what I have, which I think is the latest version of PEAR, is throwing numerous E_STRICT errors! I'm trying to establish if this is actually correct, and that PEAR has never been brought up to date, or I'm still hitting a pre E_STRICT version. I suspect the former which is not very helpful when I've been told simply to fix my own E_STRICT problems ... I don't have time to rework PEAR as well as the libraries I've already fixed :( So is E_STRICT simply something that should be thrown in the bin and the defaulting ON in PHP5.4 is somewhat premature?

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