I'm developing the WAMP server EasyPHP (www.easyphp.org) and I'm using
PHP_CodeSniffer since a while. A lot of users of EasyPHP are confused
when it comes to use a program with CLI like PHP_CodeSniffer. Besides,
we always try to promote good practices and coding standards.
So, I've developed a web interface for PHP_CodeSniffer :
WebCodeSniffer (no need to install PEAR nor use CLI). Once copied at
the root of a domain or in a folder, this interface allows you to
navigate through the directories and to select a file to sniff. You
just need to select the standard and click on 'sniff'.
This first release is very basic and more features will be included
soon. Eleven standards are available so far : PHPCS, PEAR, Squiz,
Zend, PSR1, PSR2, Generic, MySource, Joomla, Drupal, CakePHP.
You can find WebCodeSniffer here : www.webcodesniffer.net
Current version : WebCodeSniffer 0.2
Hope this will help you guys

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