Ahh yes, that was exactly what I needed.  (I knew it was simple!)

But that brings up another question: whenever I have POST information
propagate over more than one page, is it generally a good idea to *always*
use htmlspecialchars () on my data?

I.e., even if the data shouldn't need htmlspecialchars () (numbers for
example), it seems like it wouldn't hurt to use that function just to make
sure nothing is lost.

Thanks again!

On Fri, Jul 20, 2001 at 02:18:09PM -0500, Brad S. Jackson wrote:
> And when you print the value back on the verification page, call
> htmlspecialchars() on the value.
> echo "<input type=\"text\" name=\"blah\" value=\"" . htmlspecialchars($blah) .
> "\">";
>> Whenever I try to submit text that contains a double quote character ("), the
>> submission gets truncated at the first occurance of a double quote and beyond.
>>  Single quotes don't seem to be problematic.

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