I'm creating a specialized "suggestion box" type of web application in PHP.  
I'm using MySQL for data storage.

Whenever I try to submit text that contains a double quote character ("), the 
submission gets truncated at the first occurance of a double quote and beyond.
 Single quotes don't seem to be problematic.

So if the user inputted the following text:

    hello " my suggestion for deals with improving the...

then only "hello" would get put in the database, and everything from the 
double quote to the end of the input would be truncated.

I've tried addslashes() and removeslashes() before the submit, but that 
doesn't seem to help.

The input data actually gets POST'ed twice: once when the user submits his 
form.  After he submits, I bring up a "verification" form, where I show what 
the user submitted so he can check to make sure everything is accurate.  From 
the verification page, I call another php page to actually do the database 
writing.  (Note, when I played with add/removeslashes(), I was doing so on the 
last php page, i.e., where the database operation actually takes place).

I've noticed that either PHP, my browser, or the webserver seem to add slashes 
automatically because any quotes (single or double) or slashes are escaped 
with a slash on the verification page.

Hopefully this is just something simple I'm overlooking :)


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