On Fri, Aug 17, 2012 at 01:35:11PM -0600, Tristan wrote:

> So, I need to change from somedomain.com to somenewdomain.com
> I was thinking of doing this
> 1) create an alias to the site somenewdomain.com to point to current server
> 2) run permanent 301 redirect from somedomain.com to somenewdomain.com
> I was thinking this was a clean safe way to do it so we dont have to run a
> global find replace.
> Concerns might be but, I don't know for sure?
> 1) SEO
> 2) processing / time / cost for the 301 redirect on any old
> somedomain.comrequests
> What do you guys think?

I can comment on part of this based on what I was recently told by an
SEO company. Let's assume you've got a bunch of SEO "goodness"
(recognition, Google search placement, etc.) going for you on site1.com.
If you a permanent redirect (301) to site2.com, all that SEO goodness
will transfer straight across to the new site.

You may take this with whatever grain of salt you like, considering it
comes from an SEO company and I consider SEO companies almost uniformly
liars and ripoff artists who generally have no earthly idea what they're
talking about. In this case, what they're saying makes sense to me, and
I suspect it's true.


Paul M. Foster

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