l...@afan.net wrote:
Special points for me are (not a must, though)
- multiple websites with single core (both CMSs have the capability but I
got impression Drupal does it better?) because of maintenance
- compatibility with CiviCRM

There are a lot more than just Drupal and WordPress and as others have said, Wordpress is not really a 'CMS' so unless you just want to publish pages, there is not really a discussion here ... except ...

Your starting point should perhaps be 'What do I need?' and then look at some of the comparison sites. I don't know what the list is up to now, but http://www.cmsmatrix.org/ is an extensive cross reference, and comparing Drupal and WordPress here would suggest there is less of a difference than seems to be the case in practice.

> Once I decide what to use, I have to stick with it for a while.

My own choice does not fair well on cmsmatrix ...
But I've not found any compelling reasons to think that any of the other options will do any better and I CAN at least create custom package add-ons, something which a previous attempt at using Drupal simply failed to achieve. You need to stick with something that YOU are comfortable with, and perhaps switch again if you find that it's not providing what you want.

I'm having to interface with third party CRM systems, so the flexibility of something that I've worked with for years certainly helps ...

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