Suraj Shah wrote:
I am currently working on a website which uses PHP as an integral programming 
language as part of it.

I am trying to replicate the website’s contents from one ftp server to another 
but am encountering serious issues in doing so. I’ve spent two days trying to 
find out the reasons and now think its down to the PEAR installation.

This is therefore a question on if I want to transfer a website from one domain 
to another, then do I need to install PEAR and re-configure all the files? At 
the moment, all I can see within the ftp client regarding PEAR are the ‘Mail’ 
and ‘Mail_Mime’ components.

I am new to this so any help on this would be great.

PEAR can be managed in a number of ways. You do not say what OS you are working on, but most linux distributions carry PEAR packages as additional packages you can download and install with the PHP setup. This is often the preferred way of doing things, so if those packages have not been installed on your target system, then there will obviously be problems.

What I have done for some time since I used to be working between Linux and Windows servers was include the PEAR packages that I use as extra libraries within the website itself. That way the correct version is always distributed with the website.

What you need to do will depend on how you are currently accessing PEAR packages, and also which packages you are using.

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