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Am 23.08.2012 19:42, schrieb Suraj Shah:
> Hi.
> I am currently working on a website which uses PHP as an integral programming 
> language as part of it.
> I am trying to replicate the website’s contents from one ftp server to 
> another but am encountering serious issues in doing so. I’ve spent two days 
> trying to find out the reasons and now think its down to the PEAR 
> installation.
> This is therefore a question on if I want to transfer a website from one 
> domain to another, then do I need to install PEAR and re-configure all the 
> files? At the moment, all I can see within the ftp client regarding PEAR are 
> the ‘Mail’ and ‘Mail_Mime’ components.
> I am new to this so any help on this would be great.
> Many thanks
> Suraj
> Suraj Shah
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