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> What I was not expecting was a string of 'Notices:' complaining about the
> redefines. So how does one get around this message? One can't 'if defined'
> as the string needs to be replaced with the more appropriate one. I would
> say, why is this even a problem, or alternatively I just give up on E_STRICT
> and make sure it's disabled again on PHP5.4?
> Having spent several months getting the code clean on E_STRICT, switching it
> off again will really pig me off, but I can't see any real alternative given
> the number of languages and strings that will need reworking simply to get
> things clean :(

Well, I'd do the following to avoid issues in the future.

1) Create a function like that below, which provides global access to
variables and allows you to update existing values:

        function val($name, $value = null)
                static $values = array();

                if ($value === null) {
                        return isset($values[$name]) ? $values[$name] : null;
                } else {
                        return $values[$name];

2) Create a php script that searches out define("SOME_NAME_PATTERN",
"value") and replaces that with val("some_name_pattern", "value").

3) Create a php script that searches out SOME_NAME_PATTERN and
replaces with val("SOME_NAME_PATTERN");

Not too bad in terms of work, as PHP's parsing capabilities are really nice.

Hope this gives you ideas :)


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