Ashley Sheridan wrote:
I think the point is that the code is relying on overriding the
constants, so that wouldn't help at all. I think the best thing would be
to re-write the code, constants are never meant to be treated like that,
it's entirely the opposite of what a constant is.

I've 45 languages and several hundred strings per language ;)
Redefining 'define' as a new function is looking the easiest option as I can just replace all the defines in the language files. Then simply run a clean set of defines as I can't easily replace all of that text in the rest of the code tree :(

I can see why the approach was taken originally as it READS a lot better than building the translations as an array of strings which is used in other packages. There are only some 800 strings to be reworked later ... across a few hundred files ...

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