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I believe that's normal, and that it does that with any document downloaded 
from the web.
I'm not sure if there's a workaround, but you should not ask that here but on a 
Microsoft Office forum/list, or just ask the question to Microsoft themselves.

- Matijn

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        I understand YOU believe this is normal.
I am sorry you feel that way because the construction of the document is 
exactly where the problem was resolved, and that is in PHP.
So asking in the PHP-List was the exact the place to post a question of 
document construction using PHP. Yes understanding the document verification 
methods of Microsoft helps but it is up to the DEVELOPER to put the correct 
headers and content strings to make the document valid and that is what I was 

Q: I am exporting to a XLS file and the file does export, but when I open the 
file Microsoft is giving a Excel Security Notice. I am sure there is something 
in the header that is missing or causing this problem?

Regardless of the fact if it was produced using PHP, ASP, C or using a plain text editor, the point is still that there is apparently a "problem" with the file itself. The easiest solution would still be to ask, as Matijn suggested, the people from Microsoft Office. Since they are the developers/users of the software, they will know what causes that problem, and will be able to better help you than asking on this list where people are less likely to know exactly what the cause is of that warning.

As a metaphor: If I build a building out of steel, and all buildings in the area start to collapse because the ground sags, I wouldn't ask a steel-merchant for help, but rather someone who knows a lot about sagging ground.

And no, I don't know what exactly causes that warning: ask people who have a more intimate knowledge of Excel.

- Tul

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