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On Sun, Sep 2, 2012 at 7:57 PM, John Taylor-Johnston
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Just to prove me right, our mail clients start quoting from the top too :)p
Exactly. The quoting starts from the *top*. The problem is that the
cursor to start typing is also put there by default.
Step back before MS Outlook started that trend, which, of course, one
could *change* if one wanted to. The standard proforma for mail,
usenet, notes, bbs's, and most other forms (c.f. the Well, etc) were
all bottom post, or even better intermingled with ONLY the relevant
parts used, not the entire message.

I like the part where you said the cursor starts a the top by default :)p
But hey, I can follow established "convention" and bottom post.
I'm a renegade. Richard Stallman is my hero. :) But let's not tease each other too much and block the very good work of this list.

I have always been a fan of PHP, and this php-general list. I used to PERL, but found the posters impolite to the extent of nasty. Since this list got started, everyone has been especially nice, polite and helpful. And that is why I come back. I'm a newbie at best. I ask questions. I "try" to learn from pseudo coding, applying that to what I can create. When I hit a juncture or rough patch, I post my code and you folks help me out.

Thanks everyone! :)


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