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In $mystring, I need to extract everything between "|News Releases|" and

The thing now is $mystring might contain many instances of "|News Releases|"
and "-30".

How do I deal with this? My code only catches the first instance.

Thanks for you help so far.


You could use substr to retrieve the rest of the string and just start
over (do it in a while loop to catch all).
Though, it's probably not really efficient if you have long strings.
You'd be better off with preg_match. You can do it all with a single
line of code, albeit that regex takes quite some time to figure out if
not experienced.

- Matijn

PS. Please don't top post on this and probably any mailing list.
Matijn, I'm a habitual top quoter. Horrible :)) But bottom quoting is not intuitive. But the are the rules, so I will be a good poster :))

I will have very, very long strings. It will be a corpus of text, of maybe 1-2 megs of text.

I'm not terribly experienced. How would I "while" loop this?

I am reading preg-match and the examples, but I don't really follow.

I admit, I don't know what |"/php/i"means.|

// The "i" after the pattern delimiter indicates a case-insensitive search
if (preg_match("/php/i", "PHP is the web scripting language of choice.")) {
    echo "A match was found.";
} else {
    echo "A match was not found.";
?> |

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