Hello Everyone,

Very new to the list.

So I am trying to echo a string to the browser as follows -

$str = "0x100092000 -        0x1000b7fff +com.apple.com (2.0 - 56)
<BB91F4F8-3B1B-93C6-0D1A-E431E96F1BA3> /Library/PrivateFrameworks";

echo $str;

However the text between "<" and ">" i.e
"BB91F4F8-3B1B-93C6-0D1A-E431E96F1BA3" doesn't get echoed instead all I get
is "0x100092000 -        0x1000b7fff +com.apple.com (2.0 - 56)

Anyone knows why this is happening?

This happened while I was getting a line using fgets and hence I tried
storing that string into a variable and outputting but it still doesn't
show the characters between the "<>".

Any help is highly appreciated.


Best Regards,
Sunil Meena

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