This issue has to do with HTML markup. You need to properly "escape"
characters before sending them as text to the browser. Try to use this PHP
function to escape your string: echo htmlspecialchars($yourstringhere);


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Assunto: [PHP] fets() escaping some characters

Hello Everyone,

Very new to the list.

So I am trying to echo a string to the browser as follows -

$str = "0x100092000 -        0x1000b7fff (2.0 - 56)
<BB91F4F8-3B1B-93C6-0D1A-E431E96F1BA3> /Library/PrivateFrameworks";

echo $str;

However the text between "<" and ">" i.e
"BB91F4F8-3B1B-93C6-0D1A-E431E96F1BA3" doesn't get echoed instead all I get
is "0x100092000 -        0x1000b7fff (2.0 - 56)

Anyone knows why this is happening?

This happened while I was getting a line using fgets and hence I tried
storing that string into a variable and outputting but it still doesn't show
the characters between the "<>".

Any help is highly appreciated.


Best Regards,
Sunil Meena

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