This is a tricky one but let's see if I can explain it.

1 - using a menu screen I have a link that calls a js function that opens a popup with a form in it;

2 - the form receives some user input (a login) and then the user clicks a submit button;

3 - the button has an onclick that calls a js func that does an xmlhttprequest to a php script using a GET with some parms;

4 - the php script called above returns a true/false value back to the js function;

5 - the js function returns the true/false value back to the html <input> tag that triggered it;

6 - the form in the html containing the input tag gets submitted if the return was true, calling a different php script with a POST and definitely no parms in the action value of the <form> tag.

What shows up on my address bar (ie) is a composite of the script name called in item 6 along with the parms (ie, GET values) from the js xmlhttprequest string in item 3 appended to it. Now all of my scripts have a header that eliminates caching, so that's not it afaik. I've actually closed my session and come back an hour later and this still occurs.

Can anyone see how this can possibly be happening?

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