On Mon, Sep 17, 2012 at 11:12 PM, Jim Giner
<jim.gi...@albanyhandball.com> wrote:
> This is a tricky one but let's see if I can explain it.
> 1 - using a menu screen I have a link that calls a js function that opens a
> popup with a form in it;
> 2 - the form receives some user input (a login) and then the user clicks a
> submit button;
> 3 - the button has an onclick that calls a js func that does an
> xmlhttprequest to a php script using a GET with some parms;
> 4 - the php script called above returns a true/false value back to the js
> function;
> 5 - the js function returns the true/false value back to the html <input>
> tag that triggered it;
> 6 - the form in the html containing the input tag gets submitted if the
> return was true, calling a different php script with a POST and definitely
> no parms in the action value of the <form> tag.
> What shows up on my address bar (ie) is a composite of the script name
> called in item 6 along with the parms (ie, GET values) from the js
> xmlhttprequest string in item 3 appended to it.  Now all of my scripts have
> a header that eliminates caching, so that's not it afaik.  I've actually
> closed my session and come back an hour later and this still occurs.
> Can anyone see how this can possibly be happening?

If you post some code maybe.. Sounds like a type or something to me.

- Matijn

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