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> Hi,
> i'm going to join a mid-size company with a few PHP-driven projects written 
> in procedural PHP, million years old.
> At the moment, they don't have a wiki or any documentation about their 
> projects. For me, the first challenge in probation period is to understand 
> how their code works.
> *
> Considering that there is no wiki or docs, How can I see the Big Picture?* 
> i'm sure this is a common problem for programmers everywhere.
> What approach do you use in a similar situation?
> Is there a systematic approach for this?
> Is there reverse-engineering technique to understand the design of code?
> Please share your experience and thoughts.
> -Thanks in advance,
> Behzad

        I would start by mapping their databases structure. Get an 
understanding of the data behind the application.
Normally this gives you a better insight into their thought process, providing 
they use one.

Now for each page I would map out any functions, statements or includes to a 
diagram and documenting explanations for everything.
Because their concept of what the application does may not be the actual 

This will allow you to see pitfalls, bad coding, and areas of improvement. This 
will also allow you do explain to them what the application really does.
Think documentum

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