That is a good point. We do not do unit tests here. Nothing against them, it’s 
just a bit overkill for our needs. We build lots of websites, not one massive 
But I’m not saying do not use OOP. I’m just saying not everything has to be 
OOP. It’s a subtle but significant difference.
We have OOP classes for our database connection (and of course the helper 
routines), memecache access/purging/etc., and then objects for actors, movies, 
scenes, search results, HTML templates, email, tickets, etc…  again, use the 
right tool for the job. When all you have is a hammer, everything is a nail. 
Build a toolbox. ;-)
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Wow. David. That was a great help with every detail !
Thanks for sharing that with us.

One side question: 
Without OOP, how do you handle Unit Tests?
Do you know a Testing framework for procedural code?

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