On 12/7/2012 4:02 PM, Jim Giner wrote:
So i need the ini set in both scripts. Thx. Ill try that later


OK - I put the line:


into each of my scripts.

Didn't work.

Let me explain my domain names. My main domain is "albanyhandball.com". I have two subs called "x.albanyhandball.com" and "y.albanyhandball.com". Attached to each of these is what my isp calls an "add-on domain" name. These two names are not similar at all. As in "addon1.net" and "myothersub.com", but each is tied to one of the sub-domain names. Looking at a phpinfo dump, the true sub-domain names (*.albanyhandball.com) show up only in the SERVER_ADMIN setting, while my add-on domain names show up in the SERVER_NAME settings.

I've read about passing the session id to a script and using that to opene up the existing session file. Is this something I could do in this case? Or am I SOL?

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