On Dec 13, 2012 4:50 PM, "Jim Giner" <jim.gi...@albanyhandball.com> wrote:
> Thanks for all the posts.  After reading and googling all afternoon, I
think the best approach for me is:
> Create two macros in Word (done!) to export each of my .doc files to .txt
and .pdf formats.
> Create a sql table to hold the .txt contents of my .doc files, along with
a reference to the meeting date and the name of the corresponding .pdf file.
> Upload my two sets of files with an ftp client and then use a script to
load the table with my .txt file data.

Why not use php to upload the set of files?

> Now I just need a couple of scripts to allow a user to locate a file and
bring up the pdf for when he wants to read about a meeting.  And a second
script to accept user input (search words) and perform a query against the
textual data and present some kind of results - probably a listing
containing a reference to the meeting date and a tbd-length string showing
the matching result for each occurrence, ie, something like n chars in
front of and after the match so the user can see the context of the match.
> Sizes - a 28k .doc file grows to 142kb in .pdf format and is only 5kb in
.txt format.  (actually, if I 'print' the .doc as a pdf instead of using
the Word's "File,Save as", the resulting pdf is only 70kb.  Might need a
new macro!)
> Thanks again!
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