Thanks Jonathan. I removed the date() syntax function and it works.

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When you take a date and do a strtotime you are converting it to an int which 
you can compare to each other much easier. So for your above example you would 
be best doing.

$jes = 01/03/2012;

if ( strtotime($jes) < strtotime(WSOFFBEGIN) )
        $error = " MUST begin after " . WSOFFBEGIN . "\n";
On Thu, Jan 3, 2013 at 4:12 PM, Marc Fromm 
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Thanks for the reply.

Every example on comparing dates in PHP that I found uses the "strtotime" 
function which I am using.  What other type can I use?

When is this example below supposed to work?

// your first date coming from a mysql database (date fields)
$dateA = '2008-03-01 13:34';
// your second date coming from a mysql database (date fields)
$dateB = '2007-04-14 15:23';
if(strtotime<>($dateA) > 
    // bla bla


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date returns a string

You should compare a different type for bigger/smaller than


Kind regards/met vriendelijke groet,

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2013/1/3 Marc Fromm 
I am comparing to dates.

$jes = 01/03/2012;

if ( date("m/d/Y", strtotime($jes)) < date("m/d/Y", strtotime(WSOFFBEGIN)) )
        $error = " MUST begin after " . WSOFFBEGIN . "\n";

I cannot figure out why the $error is being assigned inside the if statement, 
since the statement should be false. 01/03/2012 is not less than 09/16/2012.


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