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> > As much as the php list would like to force people from using mysql,
> I guess you should not have invented it, if you don't want people to
> still use it.
> It's not this php list. It's the php developers. mysql* functions are
> set to be removed in a release coming soon.
> Time marches on. mysql* functions were written first, then the mysqli*
> functions were written. mysql* is old, out of date, and not begin
> supported.
> Should not have written it? Maybe? But maybe no libraries should have
> been written, nothing should move forward, better ways should not have
> been found.
> Maybe you want to do your computing using pebbles, too.
So let me understand how this works.
Someone ask for help, no matter what version they are using or function that is 
currently in place.
We slam them.
Call them an idiot.
Not that they ask a question about a function in the CURRENT version. Yes the 
documentation does fully express the function is depreciated, but let's deal 
with the now.
So let's NOT answer the question? (Hello, welcome to MICROSOFT)
I am very glad 90% of other languages that have list don't have the same 
They would gladly give you the answer, but then go on to express how they may 
suggest this (with example) because it is (safer, easier, ect...).
Every time I see someone give a simple answer in an approach to help them 
learn, in comes the marching band of ignorance and they are toting the banner 
of epic fail.
This is a list to help people understand php and grow the community and 
knowledge base of its inner workings. 
If you want to answer at question please at least use SOMETHING that is 
conducive to educating them.

At no point was I slamming someone for using the old functions, in-fact I was 
trying to make a joke of that and point out that the msqli functions would be 
better, unless you really do believe that kittens will kill programmers...

The thing is most of us expect the person asking the question here to have done 
at least a little bit of research into the problem, even if that only extends 
to "I'll Google some of these keywords in the error". That should at least have 
produced the same advice about those old deprecated functions, but I wanted to 
reiterate it a bit just to be sure. It can't hurt to know something like that.

The fact is, what you considered a simple answer was bad advice, and would have 
just taught more people that those old functions are fine, when in-fact they 
are not. I think it's very important to make people aware of security concerns, 
especially if they're a beginner with the language.



              I am not trying to single you out and i hope that is not how you 
have taken this conversation.

While i agree with you on the security of mysql and BTW (Kittens are monsters).

The question clearly showed they have NO experience in db connectors.  

I felt to over complicate the problem by pushing them into another function was 
not the best approach.

Yes they should understand the security risk and i take the reasonability for 
not fully explaining the ramifications for using such a function.


If you knew my staff you would know I am the last person to think old ways is 
any approach i will accept.

I will end the conversation with an apology to person asking the question, 
because i should have went into more detail and to anyone this conversation has 
mislead into thinking i think that function is anything BUT outmode.


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