Yes, Jim, and "tamouse",

Apologies for the length of this response.

I am asking for help organizing the rewrite of the site, from a LOT of
HTMLs that have 90% in common, containing a couple of php links to do a php
mail form and command, and an article... to a "template-article-footer"

I am having a problem visualizing how I need to proceed (from the highest
level), so I was asking for opinions on how to organize the index.php plus
template.php plus home.article design... at the highest level.

>From the sounds of it ( I didn't bother to un-zip his file) it appears that
> he just wants to create a model template and fill in the center (the
> 'article'?) appropriately depending upon the user's request

That is basically the project.

I have used Joomla for sites like this before, but the business owner is
not tech-savvy (not a power-user) in the least.

Setting up Joomla for her site, teaching her how to navigate Joomla to
modify articles, and giving her the access to the articles that she wants
access to is WAY beyond what she is capable of and REALLY overkill for this
small website. Besides, she could destroy the whole site as Joomla admin or
a Joomla user very easily.

She wants access to some of the articles, ONLY to change the wording of
some articles (the article on the about page and the home page, and maybe a
"specials" page yet to be designed) but I am trying not to giving her the
ability to destroy the whole site because she has access to.  I want to
place .article files in a folder, and let her work on the articles.  I can
build a default article into the PHP if the document that she edits gets
deleted.  Yet she's a smart business owner... "if i have access to the
articles to change them and I mess up, I don't want the website to
disappear" was how she expressed it to me.

The other wrinkle (at a programming level) is that she wants a header in
every email that the website sends to the company, to track which link was

I'm thinking that (as an example of the changes that I need to make to the
files contained in the zip )--

I. index.html would "require" index.php.
1) index.php would define variables for that page, i.e. a var
building="index" or "about" or "services" or "products", and then include
"template.php", a home.article file, and a footer.php .
2) template.php would use the "building" value to build each custom header
and left column and right column. Within the header, it would use the
variable "building" to send a label that identifies "building" and another
value "header" to "contact.php" (see more about "contact.php" later).
Programatically, template.php will highlight tab buttons at the top of the
page (if they need to be highlighted) and menu buttons in left column (if
they need to be highlighted) dependent on the value of "building", and in
column 2 choose the correct list of buttons to display in a vendor list
dependent on the value of "building".
3) footer.php would use the "building" value to build each custom footer
for the page.  Within the footer, it would use the variable "building" to
send a label that identifies "building" and another value "footer" to
"contact.php" (see more about "contact.php" later).

II. contact.php will bring up an email form, use the label passed in to
create a custom header to insert into the php mail command/function.

III/IV/V/VI. Each HTML in the site will have an associated php that calls
template, grabs any appropriate .article file, calls footer.

Does that structure make sense?

Are there gotchas, things to "verify" and "watch out for" that you have run
into doing similar projects?

As a past for this design procedure, I worked on a "sales agent" site years
ago that did a similar "build each page dependent on" ...
but the control for this project is not in this project...
the control is page.being.built .

Thank you for the input, and any links to online articles that I should
probably read, or topics that I should make sure I understand completely in

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