I know less about WordPress than I do about Joomla, but I did notice a
template site that I cannot find any support for (cool templates) which
supports both Joomla and WordPress, as well as HTML/CSS.
I know that there are lists of buttons which I was going to rely on PHP to
The problem with WordPress and Joomla is that the current webhost will
allow PHP, but will not allow MySQL.

:) I know... time to move the site to a FREE php/MySQL host.  I already
have one in mind, but the throughput from the host at a major ISP (Charter)
is hard to leave... since the client has been paying for that webhost for
over 20 years.  A GoDaddy hosted site I might be able to talk her into, in
a pinch... but she is a firm believer in the idea that you pay for quality.
It might be very hard convincing her to consider another webhost that isn't
local, and Charter is a local (non-toll-free) phone call away.

Thank you for the suggestion.  A WordPress site might actually be the
solution... if she is willing to leave Charter.
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> Have you considered setting this up in wordpress?

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