I need help from someone knowledgeable about PHP and I hope I am seeking it in 
the right place.  I beg your forgiveness if this is not the right place.
I purchased a software (1-2-3 Music) a few years ago and have used parts of it 
on my website so people can buy and download MP3 songs. I have tried to contact 
the company I purchased the program from but they seem to be out of business.  
Have also tried contacting the main developer but am not able to make 
contact…my emails to him are rejected by his mail box).
Beginning on April 1, 2013 my Web Hosting company will no longer support PHP 
programs less than Version 5.4...Register_Globals will be turned off.  I have 
tested my software with the new upcoming restrictions and find none of my song 
downloads will function with the PHP 5.4 version.
Will someone tell me if the small module included on the bottom of this note 
will function properly under PHP 5.4? (Register_Globals turned off).  If it 
does not function properly with Register_Globals turned off, is there a way to 
make changes  to the module so it does function properly with Register-Globals 
turned off?
Thank you very much
Floyd J. Badeaux   
define ("DOCMA_HOME", 
ini_set("display_errors", "0");
require_once (DOCMA_HOME."/system/prepend.inc");
define ("DOCUMENT_ROOT", preg_replace("/(\\\\)+/", "/", realpath("."))); 
$processName = $_REQUEST["pname"];
$process =& process_get_process($processName);

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