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> I need help from someone knowledgeable about PHP and I hope I am
> seeking it in the right place.  I beg your forgiveness if this is not the 
> right place.
> I purchased a software (1-2-3 Music) a few years ago and have used
> parts of it on my website so people can buy and download MP3 songs.
> I have tried to contact the company I purchased the program from but
> they seem to be out of business.  Have also tried contacting the
> main developer but am not able to make contact…my emails to him are rejected 
> by his mail box).
> Beginning on April 1, 2013 my Web Hosting company will no longer
> support PHP programs less than Version 5.4...Register_Globals will
> be turned off.  I have tested my software with the new upcoming
> restrictions and find none of my song downloads will function with the PHP 
> 5.4 version.
> Will someone tell me if the small module included on the bottom of
> this note will function properly under PHP 5.4? (Register_Globals
> turned off).  If it does not function properly with Register_Globals
> turned off, is there a way to make changes  to the module so it does
> function properly with Register-Globals turned off?
> Thank you very much
> Floyd J. Badeaux   
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Module:
> <?php
> define ("DOCMA_HOME",
> "/homepages/37/d48651986/htdocs/htdocs/1-2-3-music-store/docma_08306s");
> ini_set("display_errors", "0");
> require_once (DOCMA_HOME."/system/prepend.inc");
> define ("DOCUMENT_ROOT", preg_replace("/(\\\\)+/", "/", realpath(".")));
> session_start();
> $processName = $_REQUEST["pname"];
> $process =& process_get_process($processName);
> ---------------------------------------------------------------

You will probably need to remove the '&' from this line:
$process =& process_get_process($processName);

All  objects  are  passed  around as a reference now so the '&' is not
needed and may cause troubles.


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