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Gary <listgj-phpgene...@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

Ashley Sheridan wrote:

In any case, you could probably take something you like from another
framework if you have the time/inclination/capability.

I honestly think I am simply going to write the shit myself. The CRUD
pages, I mean. I see no reason to keep searching for what, for me, is
very very basic functionaility. The inadequacies of so much Free Open
Source Shit never ceases to amaze me. Too many wannabes doing it who
overestimate their own capabilities and have no clue what is really
required in the real world.

Well, you don't really help yourself with a reply like that to the very people 
helping you.

I and others have pointed you towards open source solutions, the fact you don't 
want to put any effort in to make them work for you is not because of the state 
of open source software.

Your behaviour though makes me less-inclined to offer help in the future.

egg-zactly! With comments like these, why would he ever expect a 'courtesy' reply??

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