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> On Wed, 2013-03-13 at 19:24 +0100, Marco Behnke wrote:
>> Am 13.03.13 12:57, schrieb Gary:
>> > ma...@behnke.biz wrote:
>> >
>> >> Do us all a favor abnd stay away from open source if you do not honor
>> >> the work
>> >> us wannabes put into it.
>> > As I said before "I wasn't aware you would feel that the cap fitted."
>> > If you do feel that, then perhaps instead of complaining at me for
>> > pointing it out, you would be better off employing that time increasing
>> > the quality of what you produce.
>> >
>> So you said you tried Yii. But have you wasted some of your precious
>> time trying out the extension that "extends" Yii in a way, that creating
>> models and views with Gii get proper SELECT Boxes and stuff for
>> relations? If I understood you correct, this is what you were looking for?
> At this point I don't think he's looking for an actual solution, but
> merely wants to moan about open source. OSS has flaws, of course, but
> even someone so narrow minded would have a hard time arguing in earnest
> that it suffered from too little choice and a lack of solutions to a
> problem.
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> Ash
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Two minutes with google got me this:


It seems that propel ( http://www.propelorm.org/ ) and CoughPHP (
http://coughphp.com/ ) both offer code generation



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