I think I figured it out.

$states = array(
    'AL' => array( '350','351','352','353', ),
    'AK' => array( '995','996','997','998','999', ),
    'AZ' => array( '850','851','852','853','854', ),
    'WI' => array( '530','531','532', ), 
    'WY' => array( '820','821','822','823','824', ),

$zip = 35261;
$state = 'XX';

$zip_short = substr($zip, 0, 3);
foreach ($states[$state] as $zip_prefix) { 
    if ($zip_prefix == $zip_short) {
        echo "State = $state";
    } else {
        echo 'no';

        Running this script, I got the same error as before.  If $state is a 
known state abbreviation in the array, everything is fine, but if someone was 
to enter, say 'XX' like I did above or leave it blank, then the error is 
produced.  I placed an if statement around the foreach loop to test for that 
and I'll keep an eye on it.

        Thank you for getting me to look at the array again, which led me to 
look at the State.


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