On 3/14/2013 12:40 PM, Dale H. Cook wrote:
I have made some progress. It occurred to me that the problem that I had in accessing files outside the web 
root could be a pathing problem, and that was the case. I finally ran phpinfo() and examined 
&_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] to see what the correct path should be. I then figured that for 
portability my script should build the paths for desired files beginning with a truncated 
&_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] and concatenating the external folder and the filename, and that is 
working fine. I now have a script that will give the visitor access to a PDF file stored outside the web 
root and whose filename is hard-coded in the script

The next step is to create the mechanism that lets one of my HTML pages pass 
the desired filename to the script and have the script retrieve that file for 
the visitor. That should be simple enough since it is just string manipulation 
(once I get the hang of some additional PHP string manipulation functions).

Then I can move on to making my script bot-resistant before implementing it on 
my site.

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I don't think you ever want the filename buried in the web page. You should only specify (perhaps) the title and let the php script determine from that the filename.

Plus - easy way to specify a path outside of your webroot:

$php_path  = $root."/../php";

In my environment, my php folder is located at the same level as my webroot. Modify as you need.

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