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>In order to address the problem, you should create a "Members Restricted Area"

You need to understand my target demo to understand my approach. Much of my 
target audience for those files is elderly and not very computer savvy. Having 
to register for access would discourage some of them. I prefer to keep their 
access as simple as possible and as close as possible to the way in which I 
have always provided it. Some of those files have been available (and have been 
updated quarterly) for nearly a decade, and many visitors are used to 
downloading and perusing some of those files quarterly.

Registration poses its own problems, as some miscreants will attempt to 
register in order to usurp my resources. It probably wouldn't be as much of a 
nuisance as it is when running a phpbb (I run two of those) but I'd rather 
avoid dealing with registration.

All in all, I'd rather use a server-side approach incorporating methods to 
differentiate between human visitors and bad bots.

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