On Apr 11, 2013 6:35 AM, "Rafnews" <raf.n...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to insert a piece of HTML code inside several pages.
> all pages are differently named.
> i need in each page to find a particular tag, let's say <div
id="#submenu">...</div> (so based on its ID and tagname) and inside it to
insert my PHP/HTML code.
> how can i do that ?

I am a little confused. If you want to insert the same bit of code in a php
file, use the include function.

If you need to do same thing across a number of pages, you probably have
found a spot to refactor your code.

If your talking about inserting it in real time in the client's browser,
you want jQuery/AJAX for that, not php.

(php can serve up the HTML in response to an AJAX request, though)

> thx.
> A.
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