On 11.04.2013 13:34, Rafnews wrote:

I would like to insert a piece of HTML code inside several pages.
all pages are differently named.

i need in each page to find a particular tag, let's say <div id="#submenu">...</div> (so based on its ID and tagname) and inside it to insert my PHP/HTML code.

how can i do that ?



Ok i can write an include_once('myfile.php');

however if i have an array in this file, other files where is the include_once(); do not recognize the array.

here is an extract of this file to include (submenu.php):
$submenu = array();
$submenu[] = array('id' => 1,'class'=>'menuitem1');
$submenu[] = array('id' => 2,'class'=>'menuitem2');

// function in the same file
function DisplayMenu($title){
// here i do not have access to the previous array $submenu define outside the function

as it is included the function DisplayMenu should also have access to $submenu array, no ?

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