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If you really have that much traffic, then memcache isn't your answer to
caching. It is as slow as a fast database.

That's not entirely true.

There are many comparisions all around the web and we did a benchmark for ourselves when we evaluated what the fastest solution is. Memcache is slower than APC. It gets worse when you start communicating over the network with memcache.

If you want to go with tidy and surf around the php issues you could
optimize the single html parts, before glueing everything together.

That would require much more work than simply getting < and > to work. And 
honestly I've been hacking around Tidy so much at this point with regex to minify the 
output, that I'm even wondering if Tidy is worth the both anymore. Not sure what else 
it will give me.

Maybe it is the best solution to think about optimizations you want and code them by hand like stripping comments, too much whitespace, empty tags, linebreaks and whatever. I guess it will save a lot of time.

Or you download the tidy sourcecode and put in your wanted changes? Maybe suggest a change request or submit a patch?

Maybe google page speed is worth a look for you too?

We have over 1,000 servers in house and also distributed across nodes in 
various cities and countries.

Don't know if this is an answer to my question? You know what google page speed is about?

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